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We provide custom-made, professionally designed and installed lobby signs

Metal Letter Lobby Signs in Irvine CA

Dimensional Letters and Logos

Custom Lobby Signs Irvine CA

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Backlit Lobby Signs in Irvine CA

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Come by our Showroom:

We’ll show you first hand our many choices for:

  • Types of signs and product samples
  • Sign materials and finishes
  • Options to fit your budget
  • Planning a proposal for your new lobby sign
Wall Mural Lobby Signs Irvine CA

Six things we need to provide you a proposal:

  1. Photo and dimensions of the wall the sign is to be mounted
  2. An idea of the type and size of the sign you prefer
  3. A file of your business logo (business name, brand identity, icon)
  4. An idea of the desired colors that may differ from the official brand logo
  5. Is there a sign on the wall that needs to be removed?
  6. Is there a timeline you are trying to meet?

Process Times From Quote Request To Installation

  •  Receive Quotation (depends if survey required) = 1 to 2 days
  •  Receive and process deposit to open a work order = 1 day
  •  Provision of drawing proof for final review and signed approval = 1+ day
  •  Fabrication after receiving signed approval and deposit = 10 to 15 days*
  •  Installation = 1 day
  •  Balance payment upon completion of installation

*Longer for electrical systems

A strong first impression of your brand!

We are dedicated to helping you and your business thrive.

Lobby signs, otherwise known as front desk, reception or entrance signs, are truly designed to impress. Lobby signs provide an identity for your company – both for customers that visit your office and for your employees. It’s true to say that you are only limited by your imagination to provide a strong brand identity.

By designing visually appealing Lobby Signs, businesses that welcome potential and existing customers to their office have a great opportunity to create a fantastic first impression, right when visitors enter the office. The lobby or reception area is the most important location for your office signage. As such, you can impress clients as soon as they walk in the door.

Caliber’s aim is to make you look good in front of your customers.