Business owners are looking for ways to think outside the box. Standing out and being different from the competition is essential for remaining competitive. Some clients have been able to do so with innovative reception area signs in Irvine, CA.

From Standard Wall-Mounted Letters to Eye-Catching Reception Desk Signage

Everyone knows about the wall-mounted lobby signs. However, there is now a growing trend that focuses the customer’s attention on the reception desk’s fronts instead. Frequently, these desks feature mahogany, cherry, or espresso colors. Also, these desks are typically much taller than a standard office desk. Most also feature slight curvatures. Now, imagine taking up this unused space and introducing your brand.

Innovative Reception Area Sign Ideas for Today’s Contemporary Lobby

Illuminated Reception Area Signs in Irvine CA

Illuminated signage. Order a cabinet that features push-through lettering. Behind the covers are LEDs. When lit, they cause the lettering to brighten while the rest of the sign remains in the brand tone.

Reception Area Signs in Irvine CA

Offset panel display. Of course, you do not have to limit the installation of an innovative reception sign to tall desks. If your lobby has a standard reception space, consider installing a stand-alone panel that mounts to the structure. We can add three-dimensional lettering, which creates visually attractive shadow displays.

Reception Area Sign Ideas in Irvine CA

3D style elements. Another option is the installation of three-dimensional letters and logo displays. We recommend the use of acrylic or metal for the best results. Because visitors could bump the front of the desk, we do not think that sign foam is a good option. Once again, the use of the style elements on the front of the desk is a fantastic way of adding splashes of color and the brand messages that go with them at a seated customer’s eye height.

What Do Business Owners Do When They Do Not Have a Wall-Mounted Lobby Sign?

Some office managers reconfigure their reception space to move away from the wall and toward the middle of the room. It is an excellent method for encouraging interactions between your staff members and visiting customers.

Other business owners take the opportunity to use their wall spaces for brand building with vinyl wall graphics, lettering, or customized wallpaper. Another excellent option is introducing a corporate space that explains the company’s mission, vision, and plans. You might also consider adding illuminated decorative elements to the back wall.

Looking to Buy Reception Area Signs in Irvine, CA?

Are you ready to shake things up in the lobby of your business? Are you looking for ways to renew the customer’s engagement with your brand? Something as simple as the relocation of your lobby sign might do the trick. By the way, if you are not sure that a reception desk sign is the right move, consider playing around with different installation styles.

For example, some business clients have done very well using airplane cables to install the sign by hanging it from the ceiling. Of course, we can always use standoffs or panel installations as well. Contact us today to discuss the design, production, and installation of your next reception area sign!

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