Many company owners contact Caliber Signs & Imaging to discuss the design, production, and installation of lobby signs for financial firms in Orange County, CA. They instinctively understand that this business niche has unique display needs. What are your options?

Acrylic Panel Lobby Signs Bring Versatility to a Reception Area

Lobby Signs for Financial Firms in Orange County CA

Are you a fan of three-dimensional letters? Maybe you prefer imprinted vinyl overlays. With acrylic panel lobby signs, you can accomplish both and maintain the pristine display that bespeaks creativity and chic. Best of all, our technicians can apply vinyl to the back and front of the panel while also adding 3D style elements. For the financial firm that wants to signal a full range of services to its customers, this is an excellent selection.

Logo Wall Signs Emphasize Symbol Recognition

Logo Wall Lobby Signs in Orange County CA

Perhaps your primary brand message is found in the logo you are using. Rather than giving each aspect of the corporate persona the same billing, consider emphasizing the symbol. We recommend displaying it in full color as a 3D display. Our technicians can produce it using acrylic, metal, or sign foam. We add the lettering as a stand-alone option using similar materials.

Brushed Metal Letters and Style Elements Underscore a Conservative Approach

Brushed metal lobby signs in Irvine CA

Metal is a time-honored expression of longevity in a niche or at a location. It also signals the customer that you are not following fads but prefer time-honored, proven financial strategies. Brushed metal has the chic that comes from the slightly polished display. If metal is out of your price range, we recommend the application of brushed metal laminates to sign foam.

Backlit Lobby Signs Introduce Illumination and Elegance

Backlit Lobby Signs in Orange County CA

Nothing builds brand awareness quicker than the display of illuminated letters. Backlit letters, in particular, are good choices because they bathe each element in the soft glow of a halo. Besides that, we can adjust the color play of the LEDs with custom tones. In this way, you can call attention to the sign throughout the day. Best of all, you might choose to only illuminate some aspects of the sign while leaving the others unlit.

Letter Logo Lobby Sign with Matching Reception Desk Sign for a Powerful One-Two Punch

3D Letter Logo Lobby Sign with Matching Reception Desk Sign in Orange County CA

There is no such thing as overdoing your brand displays – as long as you do it tastefully and with pizzazz. Our team has found that some clients now request installing a standard 3D lobby sign with a logo portion and then repeating this sign on the front of a tall reception desk. However, the desk sign has some subtle differences, such as a different set of niche explanations or a menu of services.

Designing the Best Lobby Signs for Financial Firms in Orange County, CA

Which signage solution is right for your firm? Have we piqued your interest in a style that will help you stand out from others in the same field? Maybe you see something you like but want to take it a step further. For example, could you add a printed wall graphic to a logo wall sign? Of course!

We serve members of the business communities around Irvine, Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Costa Mesa, Orange, Anaheim, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Niguel, and Newport Beach. Find out more about your options today by contacting Caliber Signs & Imaging!

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