If you call it a donor recognition wall, a traditional sponsor wall, or an honor wall, you are most likely referring to a wall that displays the names of financial contributors or those who participated in a fundraising or volunteer campaign. These are the essential movers and shakers that make your organization or business possible and are impressive in your lobby. Caliber Signs & Imaging can assist you with the design, fabrication, and installation of sponsor and dedication walls in Orange County, CA.

Choosing the Right Design Presentation

Sponsor and dedication walls in Orange County CA

The design of your dedication wall for your lobby can take on several forms. Clients typically base their designs on architectural surroundings, personal preference, or the nature of the campaign they were running. Because these wall displays will feature many names of private and corporate donors, you might undertake the design after finishing a large fundraiser or growth campaign.

Because one of the primary reasons for adding a sponsorship wall is the display of appreciation for your donors, it makes sense to plan for the installation to happen in the lobby or other central location where everyone entering your business or organization will see it. For this reason, a large number of clients have had excellent success with acrylic plaque presentations.

Acrylic Panels Add Pizzazz While Being Budget-Friendly

Acrylic Panel Donor Walls in Orange County CA

An essential element of excellent donor stewardship is to demonstrate to supporters that you cannot do it without them. At the same time, your organization should not be investing in expensive products that undercut the purpose of the funds. Not surprisingly, acrylic plaques are the most effective ways.

You might take a page from the playbook of the US Water Polo Corporate Headquarters in Irvine, CA. The organization dedicated its focal wall to the water polo Olympic movement. There, it lists all the medal winners since the USA has begun participation in this Olympic sport. Doing so takes the organization back to 1924. You find another excellent display at the Newport Beach Public Library. Their donor wall features each contributor to the library who assisted the venue over the years.

Build Your Organization’s Legacy with Sponsor and Dedication Walls in Orange County, CA

Acrylic Panel Dedication Walls in Orange County CA

There is more to a donor wall than meets the eye. Sure, it expresses appreciation. However, it also builds your organizational legacy. The wall display will be a focal point of your venue for years or decades to come.

In this way, it is ideal for honoring contributors who make legacy bequests. But it also shows that your organization has enjoyed ongoing support throughout the years. Honoring past donors is a great way of recommending that contemporary donors support you, too.

Sure, you have many options open to you. Some suggest the use of aluminum rather than acrylic because of the elegance that metal brings to a location. To find out how we could create a product that is unique to your space, connect with Caliber Signs & Imaging.

Our staff will collaborate with you on the design of the ideal product that can grow with ongoing campaigns. That said, we can also turn specs you already have on hand into visible signage via our fabrication process. Call (949) 748-1070 to schedule a design appointment with one of the OC’s favorite sign companies today!

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