Edge Lit Lobby Sign in Irvine CA

Because illumination is getting more and more popular for indoor signage, our clients are curious. Should they invest in these products, or are they a fad? Take just one look at our edge-lit lobby sign in Irvine, CA, and you can tell that this is a trend that is here to stay.

An investment and financial planning firm, Applied Financial has a lot riding on the accurate communication of its brand message. Therefore, when it was time to underscore its forward-looking approach to money management, the business opted for a highly-customized signage solution.

Our technicians started the project with a large piece of acrylic. This material is naturally colorless and mimics the appearance of glass. Next, we engraved the company’s name and logo. With this process being finished, it was time to plan for the illumination. Because the client opted for an edge-lit setup, we needed to prepare for LED placement.

Illuminating the edges typically happens in one of two ways. In some cases, a business owner might opt for the display of a colorful acrylic or metal board behind which we hide the LEDs. When the lights turn on, they illuminate the edges of the product. In this case, the client requested the use of aluminum U-channels that frame the acrylic.

They also hold the LEDs, which ensures that illumination strikes the surface of the entire panel. Therefore, deflection can take place. During the process, the LEDs light up the engraved portions of the board. It gives the sign a glowing appearance.

Illuminated Signage – What are the Choices?

Edge-lit signage is a great way to infuse your venue with chic and pizzazz. However, it is not the only option open to you. Other business clients have had excellent success with scaled-down channel letters. In these cases, we mimic the display of the company’s name with dimensional letters that we leave hollow. Doing so enables us to insert LEDs.

By closing the backs of the letters with clear acrylic and mounting the style elements with standoffs, the light can escape from behind and create the coveted halo effect. If this is not to your liking and you prefer a flush mount, we suggest the use of front-lit lettering that looks just as fantastic.

Another opportunity for introducing illuminated lobby signage is the use of a scaled-down lightbox cabinet. Just as is the case for the larger building signs, we can customize the shape of the product. Some clients request a display of their company’s logo symbol. Others opt for a standard rectangle. We can then spell out your name and tagline on the front.

What Would it Take to Display an Edge-Lit Lobby Sign in Irvine, CA?

When you are ready to invest in illuminated signage for your lobby area, our sign shop can help. Depending on where you would like to mount the product, we can work with our electrician to route the wiring as needed. Some clients like the idea of having us connect a simple light switch to the sign.

Find out today what an edge-lit sign would look like in your office. Connect with our graphic artist now!