When upscale financial companies need a 3D letter brushed metal laminate lobby sign in Irvine, CA, they contact Caliber Signs & Imaging for assistance. A case in point is RJI International CPAs. Located at 18012 Sky Park Circle in Suite 200, this firm works with you to protect assets, offer business-planning services, and minimize tax liabilities. The management team asked us to design, produce, and install a brand-centric sign that would hit all the right notes.

Brushed Metal Laminate Adds Impacting Pizzazz to the Lobby

Lobby Signs for CPAs in Irvine CA

After receiving the firm’s font and color requirements, we focused on the individual sign elements’ measurements and appropriate spacing. You will notice that the logo intertwines with the lettering itself. Therefore, our technicians had to get the design perfectly right.

Due to the graphics’ details, putting together the logo design would be one of the most challenging aspects of the project. Therefore, we used our CNC router for material cutting. We started with a half-inch-thick acrylic sheet that we cut. Next, we added the brushed aluminum laminate. Using acrylic was an excellent idea because it allowed the sign to be a three-dimensional product.

Water-Jet Carved Lobby signs in Irvine CA

Moreover, by keeping the acrylic clear and not painting it, the wall color can show through. It has a tremendous impact with the silver coloring of the laminate. Now, visitors to the office see the fantastic logo reproduction that is true to RJI’s original branding.

Metal Laminates Let You Get the Most out of the Advertising and Branding Budget

Our specialists frequently work with business owners who have determined that metal is ideal for the expression of their brand messages. However, solid metal is an expensive material. Moreover, it can get heavy depending on the height and depth of the elements you select.

3D Letter Logo Lobby signs in Irvine CA

As a result, we offer workarounds that give you the great looks of metal but at a fraction of the cost and weight. For example, the pairing of acrylic and brushed metal laminates is a common choice. It achieves the 3D presentation but focuses the attention on the metal instead. Moreover, the brushed material does not reflect as much light, which is excellent when you have light sources right in front of the sign.

Another material to consider is sign foam. Many business clients have had great success using this material when looking for more noticeable three-dimensional presentations. With depths of up to three inches, the foam creates a dramatic substrate. Next, our technicians add the laminate. Opt for brushed or polished aluminum, copper, brass, or stainless steel.

Put in Your Order for a 3D Letter Brushed Metal Laminate Lobby Sign in Irvine, CA

Brushed Metal Lobby Signs in Irvine CA

Have you had your eye on a metal lobby sign but did not want to deal with the expense? Why not talk to our specialists about the use of a brushed metal laminate? Doing so stretches your sign budget and lets you have a look you crave.

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