Doing business at 475 Anton Boulevard in Costa Mesa, Experian is a thriving SoCal Fortune 500 company. Its setup fulfills a variety of spatial requirements for workers, meeting spaces, utility areas, and offices. When the management team contacted Caliber Signs & Imaging, it needed assistance with upgrading its wayfinding and room labeling signage products using Vista Sign Frames in Orange County CA

Upgrading the Way a Venue Welcomes Workers and Visitors with Vista Sign Frames in Orange County, CA

Vista Sign Frames in Orange County CA

Our sign company routinely handles high-volume sign orders with a focus on identical branding and display methods. Because we have a working relationship with Vista, a premier signage systems supplier, we were able to accept the contract for 750 custom signs.

Vista specializes in the manufacture of extruded aluminum frames in a broad range of sizes. Customization is possible through the imprinting of acrylic or card stock inserts. By adding a non-glare lens covering the insert portion, the information is protected against fingerprints and smudging.

Vista Sign Frame ADA and EVAC Signs in Orange County CA

Most importantly, the non-glare lens is a part of the ADA-compliance that this signage system provides. Also, there is the option of adding Braille II characters to the signs’ fronts, which is essential for room labeling and suite numerals. In some cases, cubicles must also comply with ADA regulations, which these signs make possible.

Vista Cubicle Signs in Orange County CA

Cubicle Clips for Vista Cubicle Signs

Another reason for the selection of the Vista frame system was the versatility of installation options. Our technicians were able to add custom clips that seamlessly integrated into the cubicle layout without requiring unsightly hinges. By the way, we can also adapt these frames for glass wall installations and other surfaces.

When Uniform Signage Matters, Extruded Aluminum Frames Deliver

Vista Office Wayfinding Signs in Orange County CA

These products are ideal for office buildings, manufacturing facilities, retail management offices, and educational facilities. You frequently also see them in use in healthcare settings. That said, Vista frames are not your only option.

Our technicians have also worked with aluminum, Dibond, PVC, and acrylic in the design, fabrication, and installation of signage products with an identical display style. Business clients like the option of illuminating some room signs by hiding LEDs behind panels for an edge-lit look.

Bringing Brand Continuity to Your Location with Extruded Metal Frames

Vista Room ID and Suite Signs in Orange County CA

If we have piqued your interest in learning more about Vista sign frames in Orange County, CA, Caliber Signs & Imaging has the information you need. We not only incorporate these products with in-room labeling but also in the display of evacuation plans, directory signs, and safety products. Most importantly, we can show you how easy it is to follow ADA guidelines while relying on this signage solution.

By the way, if you are thinking of completely replacing an existing signage mix with a well-designed uniform brand display, we can help. Our graphic artist will show you how to incorporate colors, fonts, and logos into the presentations for the best results. Moreover, we gladly assist you in determining the signs that require ADA treatment and those that do not. This step saves you money and time.

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