Located in Orange County, The Mental Health Collective is a venue for individuals to receive psychological treatment in a community-based setting. When you first enter the space, you will notice the relaxing and inviting atmosphere of the locale. When the Collective’s management team needed a 3D letter PVC lobby sign in Orange County, CA, its representative contacted our sign shop for assistance.

Saving the Client Money While Delivering Branding and Pizzazz

3D Letter PVC Lobby Signs in Orange County CA

As you look around the lobby, you will notice that the color scheme of the interior décor adds a touch of class and elegance. Not surprisingly, the team needed a sign that would support its décor and fit right in. Initially, the client determined that the only possible sign that would accomplish this would consist of metal and float off the wall.

Metal is a common material that we use in the fabrication of lobby signs. It looks fantastic and adds a strong visual appeal to any space. Moreover, it fits in perfectly with virtually any interior décor. However, we explained to the client that it would be possible to have this look while saving a considerable amount of money by choosing PVC.

Stud Mounted Lobby Signs in Orange County CA

PVC is a plastic that is durable and suitable for signage applications. It is by far the most budget-friendly option when comparing it to acrylic or metal. Similarly, it is lightweight, which makes it ideal for a broad range of wall installations. In this case, we used half-inch-thick PVC that we cut into the shape of the company’s lettering. We painted the edges silver. Next, we added the brushed aluminum facings. Finally, we installed the product but tapping silver-painted studs into the backs of the letters.

Brushed Aluminum Lobby Signs in Orange County CA

Now, visitors to the location are greeted by a lobby sign that fits in perfectly with the overall ambiance of the space. The metal of the overlays is elegant; the painted sides allow for a perfect blending of the materials. Also, the spacers create an excellent look that even creates a slight shadow display, which further enhances the visual appeal of the product.

How to Order Your 3D Letter PVC Lobby Sign in Orange County, CA

Lobby Signs for Healthcare Providers in Orange County CA

When you are looking for the ideal lobby sign that focuses on your brand, fits into the space you have, and creates the type of eye candy that consumers respond to, we can assist. Besides that, we can also help save you money during the construction phase of the product.

A case in point is the substitution of solid aluminum with PVC that features aluminum facings. We can do similar things with acrylic or sign foam, too. If you select sign foam, you have the added advantage of getting dimensional letters that may be as thick as three inches. When you are planning to incorporate light and shadow play in your lobby signage setup, it could be the ideal material.

By the way, our team is also well-versed in the use of signage materials that would be considered boutique by many sign shops. Examples include stone, lumber, high-density urethane, and glass. These customized signs could be ideally suited for your brand-centric display of a corporate persona. Contact us today to discuss your options. Or call us at 949-748-1070!