Lobby Signs Irvine - Warren Street Lobby SignWhen Warren Street Wealth Advisors wanted to stand out with signage in its office, the management team entrusted our sign shop with the design, production, and installation of an LED lobby sign in Orange County. The product had to encapsulate the firm’s brand message perfectly. At the same time, it had to be an eye-catching addition to the conference room’s overall ambiance.

Illuminated Lobby Signage Fits the Bill

After talking to our client at length about the must-have aspects of this lobby sign, it became clear that the firm wanted to participate in the electrical sign revolution. This is a trend that introduces illuminated signage into the office. In the past, this typically meant the display of a neon sign that was separate from the lobby marker.

Today, it refers to the use of LEDs as part of a contemporary lobby sign presentation, whether this product goes into the reception area, a conference room, or a separate location altogether. Most importantly, the client wanted this sign to make a great impression during daylight hours as well as after dark.

After the client selected the wall where the sign would go, we worked with our electrician to install the wiring where we needed it to power the LEDs. Overhead ceiling tiles made it easy to hide any wiring that led to the sign. Best of all, it enabled us to connect the sign to a light switch, which makes its use a snap.

Acrylic Dimensional Lettering Encapsulates the Firm’s Brand Message

Our technicians determined that the best way of meeting the client’s requirements would be with a scaled-down version of a channel letter setup. We started with the fabrication of acrylic letters that spelled out the company’s name. Next, we painted them white to create an attractive contrast with the wall color.

The backs of the letters close with clear acrylic, which lets the light escape. To generate brand recognition, technicians inserted blue LEDs instead of white ones. Now, when the sign is on, it results in an attractive blue halo effect that immediately changes the ambiance of the locale. Concurrently, the white of the lettering remains visible, which heightens the impact of the colorful illumination.

Are You Ready to Add an LED Lobby Sign in Orange County to Your Office?

Adding an illuminated lobby sign to your brand presentation is a big step. However, it is one that could pay huge dividends. For starters, it demands attention. There is little doubt that this type of product is pure eye candy.

But there is more to it. For example, did you know that consumers notice lighted signage more readily than standard products? Therefore, your customers cannot help but take in your brand message. In the process, you succeed in reinforcing brand knowledge and awareness among visitors to your location.

Of course, scaled-down channel letters are not your only option. We can customize stainless steel dimensional letters to include LEDs as well. Moreover, several business clients have had excellent success with the installation of acrylic painted logo boards behind which we placed the illumination.

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