Lobby Signs on Brick Walls in Irvine CASampling International is a nationwide marketing support firm with a global reach. As such, it is well aware of the power that brand awareness brings with it. Practicing what it preaches, the firm’s management team came to us when it was time to commission a 3D logo lobby sign in Irvine, CA.

Building Brand Knowledge with Excellent Reception Area Signage

As an innovator in marketing tools development, it was imperative that this firm would back up its claims with its own brand development. Therefore, our clients requested that we find a way to encapsulate its brand message into the lobby sign that we were to build for them. Could we do it? You bet!

As we typically do, we started this project with a site survey. It allowed us to look closely at the signage solutions that the firm already put into place. Moreover, it enabled us to take measurements that would then inform the building specs for the sign. After all, we did not want the sign to overwhelm the size of the wall or be too small for it.

PVC is the Right Material for the Project

Once we received the instructions from our client, we began the manufacturing process with PVC. This material lets us to create chic signage products that feature the corporate persona of the client. We started with a PVC panel to which we added the letters that form the three-dimensional presentation of the style elements.

Routing the PVC enabled us to fabricate the dimensional letters that are part of the sign’s overall design. Technicians were meticulous in recreating the firm’s iconic font selection. To boost the 3D appeal of the signage, we planned for installation with spacers. Doing so was a snap after we painted the style elements in the firm’s unique color presentation.

Do You Need a 3D Logo Lobby Sign in Irvine, CA?

It is easy to feel overwhelmed when you outfit an office with signage. There is plenty to think about. However, signage is not an optional component of your brand expression. Rather, it is of essential importance. At Caliber Signs & Imaging, we make the process of signage design quick and simple.

Our experienced graphic artist works with you to get the sign perfectly right. Besides that, we see your project through from inception to installation. Doing so allows us to ensure complete quality control. Most importantly, we can ensure that we follow your requirements to the letter.

Because your lobby sign is the first thing a customer sees when entering your storefront or office, it must meet your standards. Moreover, it must support your brand message and continue the brand conversation that you have already begun with other signage products or sales collateral.

Starting the process is simple. Contact our sign shop and schedule an appointment. We gladly meet at your location to do the site survey. At that time, we can also work up some sketches that will show you what the finished product will look like on your wall. Call today!