America’s Moneyline does business out of Suite 117 at 4540 Campus Drive. From there, the mortgage company assists customers with home purchase or refinance loans. The first thing visitors to the website notice is the brand-centric presentation the firm has chosen. When the company contacted our sign shop to buy 3D letter logo lobby signs in Newport Beach, CA, the management team expressed the importance of maintaining this focus.

Precise Application of Gold Laminate Ensures Brand Message Continuation with Acrylic Signage

3D Letter Logo Lobby Signs in Newport Beach CA

Our technicians collaborated with the client to receive the specs for the signage. Next, we constructed the individual elements – the lettering and the logo portion – from half-inch-thick acrylic that we painted green. A perfect color match continues the experience the customer has on the bank’s website.

Then, we custom-cut brushed gold laminate to follow the contours of the logo symbol. It required an expert touch to ensure the perfect display. Finally, we stud mounted the pieces for an extra three-dimensional impact. Now mounted in the lobby area, the sign duplicates the brand logo perfectly but does it with budget-friendly materials.

Conference Room Window Privacy Film in Newport Beach CA

The next project we took on is a full-color rendition of the logo on frosted privacy vinyl that our installers mounted to the conference room’s glass panels. This product is instrumental in helping those meeting to maintain their focus. Simultaneously, it acts as another brand message reminder that augments the other signage products the bank is using inside its office space.

Multiple Signage Products Allow for the Continuation of a Brand Conversation

Stud-Mounted 3D Letter Lobby Signs in Irvine CA

Your building signs are the beginning of the brand conversation. Sure, they act as wayfinding tools to assist the consumer in locating your office. However, this is not the end of their functionality. The same goes for your in-office signage. Lobby signs, window graphics, and even your interior décor combine to continue the brand conversation.

At the heart of this conversation is the conversion. You want to turn the customer into a buyer. For the mortgage company, this means that the rate shopper agrees to apply for a loan with this company rather than a competitor.

Of course, you do not have to limit your signage to window graphics and reception area markers. Our sign shop routinely works with business owners who are looking for innovative ways to feature a brand-centric setting in the foyer.

  • Floor decals. Floor decals are fantastic for additions of brand colors. Use them to feature your main brand ideas. Examples would include single-world displays that come from your vision or mission statement.
  • Banners and stands. Retractable banner stands are excellent for placing in your reception area, meeting rooms, and other areas where customers and employees might meet. Use the banners to highlight what makes your business different from the competition.
  • Easel and panels. Easels are fantastic for moving around the office. Always suitable for a quick change, they can feature specials, sales, and rate changes that affect your customers. Moreover, they offer you another opportunity to display branding colors and symbols in your space.

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We often work with clients from the financial sector to design, produce, and install brand-centric signs for lobbies and meeting rooms. Contact us today to talk through your signage options and determine the best way to start the project!

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