Stud Mounted Lobby SignsCall it a lobby sign, reception area sign, or only an office sign, but do not neglect to feature your brand message front and center. Our sign shop routinely works with business owners who understand the importance of greeting the consumer with impressive signage design. Among our most sought-after products are stud-mounted lobby signs in Irvine, CA. Here is why.

Flat-Cut Lettering vs. 3D Style Elements

Some business clients have had excellent success with flat-cut metal or acrylic letters. However, more and more clients are now commissioning three-dimensional products. They like the ways that these signage products stand out from the substrate. Similarly, they appreciate the increase in depth that we can reach.

Depending on the material you select, you might be able to see thicknesses of up to an inch. When you want to go past this measurement, we recommend the use of sign foam. Because we can overlay it with acrylic or metal, we can give it that sophisticated appearance you love.

Adding the stud-mounting technique to the mix enables us to boost the 3D visual presentation.

Opt for a Material that Encapsulates Your Brand Message

In addition to depth, the material selection also underscores branding. A good example is metal. It is sophisticated and adds elegance to the space. However, its brand message goes past these advantages. For the consumer, the use of metal signals longevity in a niche. It bespeaks your commitment to be in business for a long time. This is one of the reasons why many of our business clients like to use aluminum for their signage.

Then again, there is acrylic. It is chic and brings style to the table. Typically, the material is clear, which allows us to paint it in any color of the rainbow. We can further imbue it with your brand message by adding a high-gloss or matte finish. If the product is installed near a light source, we recommend the use of a matte finish, which prevents glare.

See How Stud-Mounted Lobby Signs in Irvine, CA, Could be Game-Changers for Your Business

You want your signage to impress and look fantastic. With the stud-mounted setup, you boost the visual appeal of the signage by having it create the illusion of floating above the substrate to which we install it. What is more, you can capitalize on an attractive play of light and shadows. Because we can manipulate the lengths of the studs, we can even create the illusion of movement in the sign.

If you are unsure what your lobby sign could look like as a 3D, stud-mounted product, let us show you. We gladly visit your location for a site survey. In the process, we measure the wall space that you will allocate to the lobby sign. Most importantly, we can begin the process of sketching the finished product.

Our technicians can show you examples of other local business clients who have commissioned 3D signs and are loving them. Do not wait any longer before creating the kind of sign that will be memorable for your customer base. Call us today!