Located at 19200 Von Karman Avenue, customers stream to IFA for solid financial planning and fiduciary wealth services that make sense. When the company needed interior office signs in Irvine, CA, a representative of the management team contacted our sign shop to assist with the project.

Multiple 3D Letter Lobby Signs Direct Attention to the Company’s Brand Message

3D Letter Logo Lobby Signs for Financial Firms in Irvine CA

The client requested eye-catching three-dimensional signage that would underscore its brand message as well as boost the development of brand awareness. We began with the reception desk, which features a slightly curved, wooden front. We imitated the look and feel of the corporate persona with adjusted 3D letters. They add to the overall ambiance of the foyer while also fitting in perfectly with the blue accent pieces the client uses in the interior décor.

Next, we fabricated and installed dimensional letter lobby signs throughout the building. Doing so is of tremendous help with wayfinding, as some of the lobby signage directs to other services. That said, the main foyer displays always replicate the company’s online persona. This step assists the consumer with developing and reinforcing brand awareness.

Finally, our team worked on the dimensional letters for the firm’s Wall of Fame. This wall displays the images of those who have helped the company to grow into a resounding success through excellent wealth management. It is good for visiting customers to see this information and build confidence in the brand. At the same time, we ensured that the wall is correctly labeled with dimensional letters.

Dimensional Letters versus Printed Vinyl Lettering

Interior office signs in Irvine CA

Both lettering approaches have merit. For industrial venues and manufacturing plants, you cannot go wrong with printed vinyl that is easy to clean and fits right into the overall ambiance of the location. Best of all, it is possible to create eye-catching three-dimensional prints that become eye candy on any wall.

Of course, dimensional lettering is still the best option for offices and retail establishments. Because customers consider the signage presentation as an integral part of a company’s overall reputation, it is essential for a financial firm to build trust among its customers. Dimensional letters have the power to tell a brand story or continue a brand conversation.

Interior Office Signs for Financial Firms in Irvine CA

  • Material choice. Almost all financial institutions favor metal. It stands for longevity in a niche and communicates your desire to stay at the present location for a long time. It builds confidence in the customer. At the same time, metal 3D letters can be quite budget-friendly when you opt for laminates on sign foam and similar materials.
  • Size. Bigger is better. Moreover, the bigger the style elements are, the easier it is for the consumer to take in the fabrication details of the products. In the case of IFA, there are the slight shadow plays that the individual elements bring to the mounting locations. They lend the overall appearance a sophisticated look and feel.
  • Placement. The typical arrangement for most 3D letter lobby signs is behind a reception desk. However, it makes sense to break out from this mold by adding the signs to areas where the consumer might not expect to see them. A case in point is the front of a reception desk.

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