It is time to take your reception area to the next level. Maybe its look is dated. Somewhere along the line, it lost its connection to your branding. No matter the scenario, it is time to make some changes. New lobby signs and faux brick wall murals in Orange County CA could be precisely what you are looking for!

Accentuating the Good Looks of the Lobby with a Textured Accent Wall

Faux Stone Lobby Walls in Orange County CA

Many business clients have had excellent success with the installation of a focal wall that pops. Rather than painting your lobby in another nondescript color, select one wall to showcase the fantastic textures brickwork or stacked stone. Typically, this means investing heavily in the makeover.

However, Caliber Signs & Imaging has developed a new method of changing the brand focus as well as good looks of your lobby: faux textured wall coverings. Instead of bringing in actual lumber or repurposed bricks that require precision cutting to suit your space, our technicians fabricate high-density molded polymer. It looks exactly like the real thing. Most people will not be able to tell the difference even if they stand right in front of the wall.

Faux Brick Lobby Walls Orange County CA

That said, this material allows for complete customization without the need for messy construction taking place at your venue. Of course, if you prefer something even more budget-friendly, we recommend the fabrication and installation of a wall mural that features a high-quality, digital image of rocks, bricks, or other textured wall coverings.

Adding Lobby Signs to Underscore the New Look of a Reception Area

Faux Textured Lobby Walls in Irvine CA

With a makeover of your focal wall in the works, it is time to turn your attention to the lobby signage that could become the finishing touch. Did you know that this upgrade has the power to further change the brand message of your space?

Many business clients move away from lobby logo boards in favor of dimensional letters and a stand-alone symbol. Choose from metal, PVC, and acrylic. When painted in your custom colors, these style elements look fantastic. Other options consist of brushed metal surfaces that highlight the wall’s great looks with a matte finish. We recommend the installation with standoffs to heighten the illusion of bricks or stones.

Designing, Fabricating, and Installing Lobby Signs and Faux Brick Wall Murals

Vinyl Faux Walls in Orange County CA

What changes would you like to see in your space? Is it time for a bold color feature that points toward your company’s ability to take calculated risks? Maybe you are thinking of incorporating the accent wall as a soothing feature for a medical office’s waiting room. No matter which type of message you are looking to express, Caliber Signs & Imaging technicians can assist.

When you invite our team to visit your location for a site survey, we will take measurements and gauge the overall interior décor in which to integrate the new wall surface. At that time, we will make suggestions concerning materials, sizing of the style elements, and color plays. Our technicians also offer input on the design of the lobby sign that will catch the attention of customers as they walk in.

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