Many signage projects are straightforward. The client has some specs; our team designs, produces, and installs the product. However, every so often, we are handed a challenge. A case in point is the project Family Home Lending had for us. Could we do lobby signs on uneven walls in Irvine, CA? You bet! Here is how.

Uneven Wooden Walls Create a Fantastic Backdrop for an Acrylic Lobby Sign

Lobby Signs in Irvine CA

This client’s focal wall consists of individual square blocks of wood. You will notice that they have varying lengths. The design is a fantastic way of creating eye candy in the office. It is the type of wall backdrop that you do not see every day, which makes it perfect for the placement of a sign that embraces a brand message.

Lobby Signs on Wooden Walls in Irvine CA

After we took measurements, we began the project with the design of the sign itself. Technicians cut out a round shape with a 40-inch diameter from a sheet of acrylic measuring a quarter inch in thickness. This size was no accident. Our team determined that this would be the optimal size for covering three posts of appropriately the same length. We then imprinted a vinyl overlay that displays the company’s name, logo, and tagline.

Although the installation was a bit of a head-scratcher at first, we were able to solve the problem using aluminum standoffs. We screwed them into the previously identified three posts. After we stepped back, the client was amazed by the great look of the finished product.

Site Surveys and Prep Work are Essential for a Great Signage Experience

How to Put a Lobby Sign on Uneven Walls in Irvine CA

There is more to sign-making than cutting, printing, and hanging. In fact, the work that goes into the design process is sometimes far more challenging than the actual manufacture and subsequent installation.

  • Site survey. Our specialists visit your location. Doing so allows us to do a wall test before quoting you a price on a vinyl print installation. Some wall types need some prep work before allowing the material to adhere. At that time, we also ensure that we can make a material suggestion to fit in with other signs you might already have.
  • Measurements. We measure a lot. Actually, our team measures multiple times. And, if you order vinyl graphics or wall wraps, we measure to determine where to cut openings for windows and other obstructions. Being correct ensures that you get the full advantage of the image. When checking out a site for a building sign, we also gauge the speed of traffic. It influences the sizing of the letters.
  • Sketches and proofs. Frequently, there are multiple ways of designing or installing a sign. We offer you proofs that show what the planned product setup will look like. If you want to try something different, this is a great time to speak up and play around with the images.

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Lobby signs on uneven walls in Irvine CA

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